Simple and effective marketing tips for escorts

The economy may be a factor that prevents some women to venture into the fascinating world of the work as escorts. However, there are who have courage and not be frightened by these things, because as you can see in barcelonaescorts, there are women who earn a good living and enjoy an exciting career.

That is why we have compiled a series of recommendations for those girls who are thinking about the possibility of becoming escorts and change their lifestyle forever.

Economical advice for sexy escorts


  • Listen to your costumers: You should be constantly attentive to their opinions, suggestions, comments, complaints, or claims. Even, we should try to find such information, for example, using surveys, creating a mailbox of suggestions, dialogue with them and asking them what is their opinion about our products, calling them by phone to see how they fared with their use, etc This will allow us to tailor our products to their needs, tastes or preferences, and know what we are doing wrong, what we need to improve, what to remove or change.
  • Specialize in one service: The produce or offer only one type of product or service we will be experts or specialists in what we do or offer, and, thereby, to provide a product or service of good quality. The specialize in one type of product will also allow us to capture more customers, since they, seeing us as experts or specialists, will have a high perception of the value of our products and we choose rather than the competition. Even the specialize in one type of product will allow us to increase our prices because consumers are willing to pay more if they believe that anyone who produces or offers goods or services, is a specialist in what he does.
  • Specialize in one type of consumer: This is a variation of the last one, it is to direct our products to only a certain type of consumer. The focus on a particular type of public allows us to specialize in it and know very well their needs, tastes, preferences, customs and habits and, thus, to be able to offer a product dedicated especially to meet those needs, tastes and preferences, as well as devise strategies and make decisions on the basis of these customs and habits.
  • Be able to offer different things: We specialize in one type of product and consumer, and create our own identity or style, but at the same time, we must offer variety. Consumers are always looking for variety. You may be able to be faithful to our products, but with the time left to find variety in them, will soon leave us and go to the competition. To provide variety we offer different alternatives and constantly launch new products without changing the type or style of our current products.
  • Create your own identity: This means to give an own style to our business or our products. When you create an identity we positioned our brand in the minds of consumers, which in turn allows us to state that they identify with our brand and recognize it at any time. Our identity can be based on any differentiation or important feature in our products, in the style, or the way we deliver our services, designs or the combination of colors that we use, etc.